Korean-American Diaspora Gathering

Kona, hawaii

June 10 -14, 2019

Dreaming, discerning, catalyzing the next move of God among the Korean diaspora in America


Our vision

Dreaming for a Third Great Awakening for the Korean-American Diaspora

What if 50 Korean-American leaders from across the nation spent 4 days together in Hawaii praying, dreaming, and building strategic relationships to discern and catalyze the next move of God among the Korean-American diaspora? Our dream is to ignite a movement catalyzing the Korean-American diaspora to see a revival and reformation of the culture. 

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents;
— Malachi 4:6

theme of the gathering

Identity, Inheritance, Destiny

The purpose of this gathering is to discern, dream and catalyze an awakening among the Korean-American diaspora for the revival and reformation of the world.



We need to reclaim our heritage and identity as Korean-Americans. In other words, how do we embrace the uniqueness of being both an American and Korean and become salt and light of this world?



We need to possess our inheritance of faithful and revival prayer and continue the zeal for world-wide missions from our pioneering first generation Korean-American Christian leaders.



We need to live out our unique destiny of the Korean diaspora. How can we unite together as a body of Christ strategize for the next revival and reformation?

Some of the Leaders who’s coming
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what you can expect at the Gathering




We desire to build deep, life-long connections with leaders at the gathering. This is a family friendly environment. We encourage you to bring your spouse and children. (Childcare will be provided). We will spend one day outside in fun excursions.



We desire to hear every voice of the leader to strategize for the next revival and reformation among the Korean-American diaspora.





How to sign up?

Click here to register. Thanks to our gracious donors, we will provide complimentary accommodation and food during your stay. The only thing you need to purchase is your flights.

Who Can I bring?

This is a family friendly environment. We also invite your spouse or children to join us. We will provide childcare during the gathering.

What to wear?

Weather in Hawaii will be pretty warm (high 85° / low 73°) so we encourage you to dress casual.

How to Connect?

You can join our closed Facebook group to connect with others who will be part of the gathering.




YWAM Kona Campus


Our accommodations will be situated at the YWAM HQ campus. Accomodation and food are included as part of your trip. You only need to cover flights.